Forget Blood Diamond

I swear Hollywood just needs to STOP making these flicks on Africa…STOP!!

This put on we’re-so-socially-conscious mien is really crap and it needs to end now!

I went to see Blood Diamond yesterday in order to get an understanding of the way Africa was being portrayed to the masses. I left with such a bitter taste in my mouth I’m still gagging.

Yes the film movingly depicts the way children are broken into being child soldiers;

Yes the film revealingly shows the path that smuggled diamonds take;

Yes the film shows us just how brutal civil war is Africa;

Yes the film illustrates just how costly the corruption of some African leaders is…


As an Africanwoman I was disgusted at the way black women were portrayed as the prostitutes or fodder for the guns. There was not one depiction of the resilience of African women who EVERYDAY pick up the shattered pieces of society around them, mend them and find a way to heal and continue. Instead we were treated to endless amounts of bosom shots of an American reporter traipsing around the country looking for a story. Yeah sure she has a good heart and story to write but you know what, her story should have been counter-balanced with the story of the hope and resilience of an African woman. But NO…we are left with the image that African women are either hookers or helpless

victims to violence perpetrated by Black African men. If Hollywood is obsessed with showing how abused African women have been why don’t they go further back in history …but hmm I WONDER why Hollywood does not tell the stories of rape and torture African women have experienced at the hands of white slave traders, white colonial landlords and NOW white soldiers from military bases in various African countries? Why doesn’t Hollywood want to tell that story and depict THOSE acts with as much gory enthusiasm as they did in this case? This trend of repeatedly depicted African men as senselessly ruthless and brutal is dangerous because it creates the image that most African men are just ruthless and violent!


And as USUAL there is absolutely no historical context laid down that even seeks to explain WHY there are so many civil wars in Africa and in Sierra Leone in particular. There is NO mention of the devastation that 500 years of slavery then British colonial rule left on that country. No mention of how, at independence, power was turned over to a ruling minority. Moreover, people seem to have forgotten just what the Cold War did to African politics….so let me just give you an idea

During the struggle for independence, African leaders were the leaders of the mass movements and they relied on the people for their survival. They, therefore, had to fight for something the most of their people believed in. They had to be ACCOUNTABLE to the people…the Mau Mau struggle in Kenya would not have survived without the support of the people

This all changed once independence was gained because of the Cold War. Those African leaders who found themselves in power discovered that they had to choose which camp to side with- the Soviet East or Capitalist West. Once that decision had been made, the leaders discovered that they were NO LONGER accountable to their people, but rather to the ‘bosses’ of their respective camps. As a result Mengistu of Ethiopia could line up thousands of Ethiopians and kill them with NO incrimination because he had the support of the Soviets. And Mobutu could plunder Zaire’s riches, use the country treasury like his personal bank account and massacre thousands of Zairians with not ONE word of protest from the so-called ‘international comunity’ because he had the support of the Capitalist West.

What this resulted in is the creation of a culture of a lack of accountability of many Africa leaders to their people. It is only NOW that African people are really beginning to engage working towards making sure the political leadership is accountable to THEM!!! But AGAIN there are problems because ‘Aid’ and loans from the outsiders creates a situation where African governments still are NOT fully accountable t their people.

Also bear in mind that all of this was preceded by 500 years of the Slave trade when most Africans were constantly running and fleeing for their LIVES. FIVE HUNDRED YEARS of complete social chaos and disarray caused by an endless demand for black slave labor by the West. Can you even begin to imagine what 500 years of that is like and what that leads to? Where captured women are told to throw away their babies so that they can carry cargo to the slave ships?


So when Hollywood presents recent events in Africa in a manner that PROMINENTLY displays the corruption of leaders, the ruthlessness of African men with no mention of our historical legacy, Hollywood is guilty of reinforcing the idea that Africans may be inherently inferior because why else would it be taking so long for Africans to get their shit together?

Why does the world think that despite the fact that Africa was and still is being directly and deeply fucked, Africans should ‘just get their act together’?

Lets see how well other continents would function after living through a series of horrific events mainly created, developed and coordinated by outsiders, to the extent that they have not had a coherent living memory of our truly indigenous social, judicial, educational etc systems for over 600 years! Go through that then you can comment and make movies about Africa that depict Africans in such a demeaning and inhumane manner.

I’m tired of this quasi-conscious-I-really-care-for-the Third-World bullshit that Hollywood is into right now. Its dangerous because its creating an incomplete and therefore INACCRUATE image of Africa and Africans.

But I’m sure Hollywood and the herd of Hollywood’s blind followers will go watch the flick, be deeply moved, then smile and fawn as Hollywood stars buy diamond rings and bracelets to congratulate themselves on a job well done.


Fuck Blood Diamond.

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Mona said…

Hi, your blog is really impressive, keep up the good writing. However, i can’t find a way to subscribe to your posts. Is that intentional?
Also, I hope it’s ok that I put a link to your blog on mine.
All the best

5:12 PM

Mona said…

[…]have not had a coherent living memory of our truly indigenous social, judicial, educational etc systems for over 600 years!”

You should read Harold Pinter.
“To maintain that power it is essential that people remain in ignorance, that they live in ignorance of the truth, even the truth of their own lives. What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed.”



~ by Afrikan Eye on March 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi,Ur “Forget Blood Diamond” was excellent,infact it is one of the few articles which showcases the reality behind the plight of africans,i can understand your feelings about the movie for not able to show both sides of the coin. However i should tell you that people like me get to know facts by seeing such movies, something atleast if not complete. After watching the movie i started surfing the web for more info about the struggle for Diamonds why, who, how, where and what. Keep posting such good stuff…

  2. I could not even muster the courage to go see the film as I knew I’d end up a wreck. When I went to see Lat King of Scotland I was in a state for a good three days- Blood Diamond, no I don’t think I could make it!

    Thank you so much for your postings- keep writing people need to hear this… Even if only a doodle of truth in this sea of disinformation.
    I recently published two short articles about how african women are de-humanised in cinema. Its was by no means groundbreaking nor original work but I was shocked by how much resistance the pieces received.
    Even within the university!

    It was a wonderful surprise to come across your work, I look forward to reading other parts of your blog.

  3. Yeah, what you say is sad but true…sadly Afrikan women can’t really expect people to ‘get’ how Hollywood and others have dehumanised us…its become so normal that people have developed a very blase attitude about it and don’t see how the continued and consistent portrayal of Black/Afrikan women as hoes, drug addicts, abusers/abusees, confused etc is part of the problem…and you and I know there are many more stories of courage, intelligence and dignity…but don’t expect most people to ‘get it’…I mean you’re talking about an industry that gave Halle an Oscar for playing an abusive mother and confused ‘identityless’ black woman who ‘found home’ in a man who was rasied by a hradcore racist and was basically portrayed as a ‘nice’ racist…so yeah, the dehumanisation continues.

  4. Impressive blog. I’m adding it to my MFA program’s reading list.

  5. Wow. I just happened to stumble across this blog while doing research for my thesis on female genital operations in Africa and I am thoroughly impressed. It’s refreshing to hear intelligent people discussing Africa (AS A CONTINENT!) in such a manner. Thanks. You guys give me hope.

  6. I loved the movie blood diamond.
    although it doesnt showcase any hate against white men on black women etc. There are movies out there that do, what about any KKK movie “missippi burning” for example, i dont think hollywood is trying to put on an image. first off people should be thanking hollywood, Although i knew about the diamond trades etc, i highly doubt any of my friends would, the only way they do are from hollywood “movies and music” when movies like this are showcased people actually get interested in helping world issues…

  7. You prove my point exactly. People who do not live in Afrika have no idea just how Hollywood is misrepresenting Afrika and so, like you, they think its ‘brilliant’ when actually it really isn’t. Missisippi burning is about the US not Afrika, and what if all the movies that came out of Hollywood were like Missisppi burining…I’m sure everyone would be holding hands singing songs about how wonderfully its representing America….riiiiiigggggghhht.

  8. Boo hoo Afrika is being misrepresented in Hollywood. What is that the 1000th time that has happened? Wow, it’s Hollywood people. Here for the public’s entertainment. If you want factual information try looking up the documentary genre instead of the action-thriller genre.

  9. Leo, just because HOllywood continues to get away with GROSS misrepresentation of Afrika does NOT mean I’ll be cool with it. No matter what anyone says, Hollywood DOES teach people THEIR version of Afrika and I’ll be DAMNED if I keep quiet because they’ve gotten away with in the past. Also how many Hollywood flicks to people watch per documentary…Hollywood teaches, whether its facts or not…and by the way, documentaties don’t always get the story right anyway.

  10. Uhh? Hello! The film industry is predominantly white! You can imagine what ideas are sure to pop up in the movies by a predominantly white culure. Now if the filmmakers were black the film probably would’ve had a different perspective.

  11. Exactly. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  12. That would be one painfully long movie if they were to delve into everything you discussed. I think that it is important to note that some people may have been impacted enough by the film to go out and READ about the issues.

  13. we have many wealthy and rich blacks in is up to us who care, to make them care.Movies and documentories can be produced and distributed without hollywood.FUCK HOLLYWOOD

  14. Your blog is much appreciated 🙂

    I agree completely. I feel that Black women were portrayed in a poor fashion. I must say though, the comment about whites offends me a little (although I’m sure you did not mean it to be). I see your point, but being from Ireland, I must ask that you read (particularly under “slaves and indetured servants” and “Treatment”)
    My ancestors were enslaved for hundreds of years, but it is not commonly known, as almost none survived it. My point being, “white” is a little to general for my taste. I think a better word is ignorant, as the film industry is full of ignorance. Sorry for my saying, it’s just something that is rather important to me.

    P.S. I think that the film industry’s idea for “Blood Diamond” was in good nature, but they went about it in a terrible way. They should have made it much less “Hollywood” – blehck.

  15. Thank you for your comment and education you shared with me…had no idea about Irish slavery….looking at the article now.

  16. Wow. Do you know how long I’ve been searching for a blog like yours? You write with so much passion and address many issues which are swept under the rug. I haven’t seen Blood Diamond but I have seen The Constant Gardener, which really annoyed me.

  17. Give thanks…it up to us Afrikans to develop an alternative commenatry about our continent.

  18. I have to agree with Latinlady’s comment. Although Blood Diamond is completely Hollywood, it does have a heavey impact on anyone who sees it. Western society has come to a point where we don’t care where our products come from, only how much the product costs. Movies like Blood Diamond, uncomplete as they are, shed a new light on our seemingly secure lives. However, you would have to be stupid to believe everything Hollywood produces, movie producers, just like diamond traders are in it for the money.

    Great Blod by the way!

  19. I have not seen the movie, but I would like to say something thats been close to my heart. I am an Indian who studied and lived in the Congo in the city of Kisangani, We left the congo(Then it was the zaire) just before the conflict started. But every time I see a mention of the blood Diamond or the congo, I wonder if the people i knew and moved with would still be alive and what would their condition be after years of conflict. How many would be alive….. The brutality of that conflict has never reached the world outside and it may never ever do so. I probably will never know what happened.

  20. i actually agree that it is messed up that hollywoodis makin tese films for money. they ARE just like the blood diamond trader, they are just seeking money

  21. I was deeply moved and felt ashamed when i read your post, because i realised that i had the exact cliche that about african women that you mentioned.

    Keep up the angryness!

  22. I would not feel ashamed Philipp. You are a product of your society. All western society is filled with commercialism. Its amazingly pervasive and it tends to drown everything else out. It is to your credit that you searched out these issues and read this blog. You recognized its basic truth and changed your perception about this issue. The suffering of humanity exists everywhere, within every culture and in every region. It is worse in some places and times. Its impossible to know it all. There is no shame in learning something new, or remedying a misconceptiom.

    As far as the movie goes…It was a movie created by a commercial entity; whose only purpose is to make money. Nothing more should be expected of it other than it is ment to draw and entertain an audience. Basically movies as an art medium are flawed because they are influenced by commercial entities, dependent upon them in order to exist in most cases. The original intentions of the writers, and perhaps the good intentions of the actors as well, are never served.
    This is also true of the news media. They are run by corporations, often gigantic conglomerates, and are dependent upon advertising. If a person wishes to learn about anything now-a-days…they must use their best judgement while viewing multiple sources of information in order to compile the facts of any issue.
    Basically most sources of information are flawed. To expect anything less from a Hollywood movie is odd to me. I suppose the problem is the general publics willingness to accept something like a movie as factual or realistic.

  23. i feel that today’s cinema cannot be counted for learning in life as it no more is responsible towards society as many other forms of media have turned in to.but i acknowledge the fact that i have corrected my view today about what the movie portrays.

  24. Never saw Blood Diamond and after reading this blog, never intend to. I am so tired of black women being portrayed negatively. I won’t support this portrayal with my hard earned $15.

  25. Great insight, as a student planning to study and do service work in Africa, the movie “Blood Diamond” caught my attention. Having experienced the inaccuracies of Hollywood productions that are supposedly “based on true stories” I was immediately skeptical that this viewpoint was only telling a partial truth at best. Because of Hollywood’s shaky track record when it comes to factual portrayals, it has pushed myself, and I am sure many others, who were first made aware of these horrific situations through “Blood Diamond”, to begin to dig deeper and research through the internet (which is how I came across this blog) for more factual information. Even though “Blood Diamond” is a far cry from portraying the true Africa to the world, hopefully others, like most of the other people who have commented here have done, will probe deeper. Hopefully their findings will cause a change in how they see Africa, as well as lead consumers to hold the media industries accountable for the reporting and portrayal of factual information that consists of ALL those people whose lives are affected by this horrible situation. I am both curious and terrified to learn more about the diamond trade, and other issues that are affecting so many people of this continent that poseses such great potential.

  26. I’d like to add something else.

    What the heck is the deal with Dicaprio’s accent in that movie? I know this is off subject (I already made my on subject statement) but it was simply god awful.

    I found myself laughing at very inappropriate times because of it. I can not believe he was nominated for an ocar for that role.

    Anyway, dont mind me…continue…continue

  27. thats adeep peice of writing, im intrested to hear more from u if possible, my mum is on a committy responsible for organizing educational events n talents shows to celebrate 300 yrs since slavery, personally i think slavery still exists they jus have to hide it although this film showed a lot of bad about our people certain people need to see this as a wake up call, how we gna defeat the blood trade in uk n america if our people r uneducated on the subject and contribute to feeding it! y do u think da whyt man wnt teach us blak history, coz dey afraid were powerful enuff to claim wts rightfully ours!
    dey tried to say we stupid and dey helped us DNT BELIEVE THE HYPE!
    i found this site looking for a pic to go with my new track, u can hear it on (long time coming) my verse is last! Blak Man Klan (altough we are all mixed race blak in our name does not represent colour)

  28. dey tryna commercialise all of us dey hope our children will become caught in a hip hop culture and not have the education to carry on the storys to their kids like we did, eventually our storys will be lost if we let dem win, dey stole our knowledge and used our manpower to build the place we live today, dey relessed us coz britain was losin uny to the ova countrys thr slave trade, banning it actually helped the uk succeed against its european rivals der was more muny for dem dis way,
    where have most of da crown jewels come from, dey invaded iraq for da oil, all war in this country is influenced by muny,
    with the cost of our army in england in 1 yr alone, we could cure world hunga, y dnt dey coz they succed by extortion and thru trade with africa while we are selling for chaep prices tryna get out of dept, CONSPRICAY IS KILLING ME DEY NEVA LET U VIEW THE TRUTH JUST A POIINT OF VIEW DNT BELEIVE THE NEWS UR HEAR MORE TRUTH FROM ME IN DA BOOTH!

  29. http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/NITROBMK (long time coming) i wrote my verse for dis track (3rd one) afta wacthing thwe film!

  30. That was good education. Thanks for standing up to truth. I hope many get to see this blog. Good job

  31. i agree. i live in the african continent, in sharjah and i’ve seen it. blood diamond and africa the contry. i no how unfair that movie was towards u. so i think if u keep up this work lots of people will get the message. especially if other african start protesting against this. also one thing is if hollywood as such a prob with the act of africans y not donate sum of that massive load of money they have towards africa. gr8t work and keep it up

  32. i think that sum of the movies they make on afriacan history can be known as white racism. some of the old people that go to watch the movies are affected by this racism because maybe their grandparents were enslaved and it could affect them for the rest of their lives. even if hollywood makes such movies as this one they could donate sum of the money to a poor country like africa so the little children there can at least hav a life that provides them with a good education and a good home

  33. Yes there is a image that is potrayed about Afrika, I am a Black American and I can name alot of movies that put Afrika in a uncivilized light, Tears of the Sun, Blood Diamond, last King of Scotland and it makes all Afrikans and blacks looked uncivilalized around the world, it also makes Black Americans have a bitter look at Afrika as to they don’t want to visit or live there, which makes me a little uneasy, I dont like hearing from Black Americans “I’m American not African, I don’t wanna go to Africa” which makes them in my eyes willing slaves, due to the fact that America still functions off of illegal money, using young black men to sell the drugs they shipped into the country, to sell to the blacks in his own neighborhood, which keeps familys poor and under control, and then on top of that they arrest the drug dealer after he has made himself alot of money, so they can take and distrubute the money amongest themselves, now that is a story that hollywood dosent want to tell, and as for the blood diamonds, I say this with the intent of all goodness that every diamond and and chunk of gold or drip of oil is, ALL OF AFRIKAS there should be one Afrika meaning that all the countries should turn to states like here in America and then under one flag and one government Afrika can take back it natural resources, and make one Army, use the natural resources with trade to build the economy, Show the white muthafuckas how it’s really done, they tell the world that America if a sign of freedom but I cant tell, and check this out the war on terror to find the terrorist, why didn’t the war start here on the KKK? the don’t live by any laws and they bomb and attack innocent people….sound like terrorist to me, what do you think?

  34. I must say keep up the good words of power. I also want to tell you African New Generation is here so there is a hope for a brighter future. I would love to share ideas with you about our mother Mama Africa. Please fel free to contact me

  35. This was a great movie and I hope they make a sequel very soon. You are taking this to literally big movements have been started to aid money, welfare, and assistance to families due to this film. It may offend your culture, but think of all the people that were moved by this and offered to help. Would you rather have them withdram their help to give you a good name our help someone that is really in need of assistance.

  36. the african women is abuaty women in the world

  37. TRWNBT,

    TRWNBT: “due to the fact that America still functions off of illegal money, using young black men to sell the drugs they shipped into the country, to sell to the blacks in his own neighborhood, which keeps familys poor and under control, and then on top of that they arrest the drug dealer after he has made himself alot of money, so they can take and distrubute the money amongest themselves,”

    Me: Your view is to narrow. The illegal drug trade is extremely exploitative of a lot of people, of many races. Its not specifically aimed at black people. Its aimed at POOR people, of any race. You got the mexican mafia in California exploiting poor mexican immigrants with the marijuana trade. You have people of all races being devasted by methanphetamines. Latinos in south america being screwed over by the cocaine trade. Its everywhere.

    TRWNBT: “now that is a story that hollywood dosent want to tell, and as for the blood diamonds, I say this with the intent of all goodness that every diamond and and chunk of gold or drip of oil is, ALL OF AFRIKAS there should be one Afrika meaning that all the countries should turn to states like here in America and then under one flag and one government Afrika can take back it natural resources, and make one Army, use the natural resources with trade to build the economy,”

    Me: Yes if Africa was united as one people, under one government, with one standardized army and so forth that would be wonderful for the African people and would make them a great power in the world. Hopefully a power for good. (most powers are exploitative, even parasitic, regardless of who is in control. power corrupts.)

    However, such a thing would be very difficult. Mainly because the people in power all over the world wouldnt want that to happen and would work hard to stop it. And also because it would be difficult even without that outside opposition.

    Its hard to get a people to really unify. For Africans to say “I am an African first”. And not a member of this or that tribe or nation. A very hard and long process, but possible without outside opposition. Unfortunately, the rich will always push down the poor.

    TRWNBT: “Show the white muthafuckas how it’s really done,”

    Me: Your seeing things of a point of view that is too narrow. The black people vs the white people.

    (besides “the white muthafuckas” is painting pretty broad. most white people arent out to get black people. most white people are just tryint to get by…go to work, raise a family, stay healthy…maybe have some fun. most PEOPLE the world over are just busy with their own lives…most people in the world arent anybodys enemy. most people arent trying to keep anybody else down. They just live their lives, day to day, and dont really do much for or against anybody else.)

    But the things you feel and believe about white people and their treatment of black people is just a part of a much larger problem. In truth, it is not a struggle between two races. It is a struggle between the Rich and Powerful, and the poor-the laborers.

    I beg you, read literature about socialism and marxism. Even reading just basic stuff will, I think, capture your interest and expand your view. You can find a plethora of information on the internet to get you started, and believe me…once you give it a chance, you will want to read more.

    TRWNBT: “they tell the world that America if a sign of freedom but I cant tell, and check this out the war on terror to find the terrorist, why didn’t the war start here on the KKK? the don’t live by any laws and they bomb and attack innocent people….sound like terrorist to me, what do you think?”

    Me: Al Queda and the KKK are two very different animals. Al Queda is 1. A foriegn organization. 2. Extremely well funded, organized and united. (or at least was) The KKK is 1. A domestic group made up of US citizens. 2. Extremely disjointed. (there are tons of groups and chapters that dont communicate much or work together) 3. Most KKK members arent terrorists-mostly they form protest groups and work through propoganda. Most acts of violence by them are simply criminal acts. Some KKK members have been part of terrorsit attacks but those acts were usually perpetrated by individuals or small groups that acted without support or the knowledge of any larger organization.

    So two very different groups, with very different laws/rules for engaging them.
    Of course KKK members arent worth the air they breath. Mostly they’re just a pack of idiots that shout a lot.

  38. Oh, and you dont need a “War on Terror” type of thing to defeat the KKK. Those individuals/groups that have murdered or bombed, have been arrested, convicted and either executed or imprisoned. Its not necessary to have some huge government mobilization to take care of them.

    And to those KKK members that arent terrorists. Mostly they just spout hatred and propoganda. So you cant exactly go round them all up and kill them. That would be evil. Thats not justice. Thats not how good men deal with problems. We are above that.

  39. Hollywood and all current popular media including the news misrepresent every reality. I agree this does not mean one should just accept it because it seems like an overwhelming battle to fight. I choose to speak out with my opinions at the potential risk of being criticized as “uptight” or such. Once women’s sexuality was repressed, now we are pushed out on a stage of bright lights to “perform” and it is explained to us that it is our freedom. My comment however is related to your topic but not quite directly. Every reality comes from a past. An individual’s upbringing has affects his/her future choices. The history of a nation or region affects it’s current affairs. However, it is also dangerous to erase all individual accountability with the past as an EXCUSE. Or imply the motivation to do wrong as excusable, because somewhere someone of a higher power is the culprit that offers the motivation, often pressure. Yes, they ARE, but they share it with the person that CHOOSES to be a puppet. In some cases, there may be no choice, but too often there is. You are obviously and justifiably angered by misrepresentations of black women in the hands of white men. But you seem to deny that it IS a broader issue and black men should not be excused from doing the same and reinforcing and even exaggerating the stereotypes. Sadly, african american women are dehumanized everyday in the media. Women, I feel, in general are victims of these representations and girls are growing up with alot of pressure, hurt, self-criticism, and ACTING. I cannot help but feel very bothered, that in the radio, which reaches so many young people, lyrics to catchy songs of definite skill and merit otherwise, are so fucking degrading, insulting, and plain mean towards women.
    And no one seems to be bothered. “relax, it’s just a dumb song”. This happens quite liberally in popular rap music, and DESPITE the white execs, the “artists” themselves CHOOSE to promote such damage to culture, it is a responsibility they should not be exempt from because they are black; they often have daughters and mothers, and are NOT to be excused as victims. This angers me greatly. I can understand the motivations (money and pressure to follow what is currently “working” according to the ignorant execs”. But I would never be so insulting for money. I am a performer, and I choose NOT to shake my ass ingenuinely and lick my lips and look stupid and reinforce the artificial sexuality that girls are being fed everyday. Do I have similar motivations to do so as a male rap artist? Absolutely, but I simply would not go there. And if I did, I would hope that I wouldn’t be excused because inevitably there is ALWAYS a higher ranking force pulling the strings. This would render everything and everyone excusable. If there is violence in Africa in the hands of current leaders, that inarguably stems from a history, how dare you imply that the individuals perpetrating the acts, are to be excused??!!!! As a reader, I feel that you are implying this, by redirecting all your anger towards a race, some intangible culprit instead of a certain, specific individual or group of people that ARE physically, committing the offenses. Please explain or make clear your position, are you at all angry at the actual killers? More inhumane and demeaning than a movie that selectively covers a history in an abbreviated way to fit a 2 hour structure, that doesn’t happen to force into the story some white on black hate to cover their bases, are the actual people there brutally KILLING mothers, fathers, daughters. You are being just as selective by omitting the other reality of greed that exists beyond hollywood offices but is a choice of all members of this planet including many Africans. You cannot possibly believe that before white people fucked up African social structures there was no greed and power struggles on the continent. Keep killers accountable, please don’t imply they are exempt from criticism because it’s “white people’s fault”. Among all of your intelligent and informative points, this message comes through as well, and is tinged with propaganda itself, set up to inflammatory. I believe that a balance of blame and looking within your own culture for fault is healthier to all inter-human relations than one-sided blame that creates only anger and tension with little understanding. Please let me know what you think.

  40. Well I”m not denying personal responsibility of Afrikans and how Afrikan leaders etc are contributing to our mess…neither am I denying the way black men, especially in mainstream hiphop and rap music are straight up misogynistic and HATEFUL towards black women in particular. But you know, this blog post wasn’t about that…I wasn’t addressing that here so…yeah. But I do agree with alot of what you’re saying. Its utterly unacceptable that anyone, be they white or black, exploits another. It’s just that the reality is that currently the power TO exploit is in he hands of men, especially white men…and they USE that power TO EXPLOIT…and they’re very good at doing it through proxy regimes.
    But I also want to challenge you on your statement that: ‘it is also dangerous to erase all individual accountability with the past as an EXCUSE. Or imply the motivation to do wrong as excusable, because somewhere someone of a higher power is the culprit that offers the motivation, often pressure. Yes, they ARE, but they share it with the person that CHOOSES to be a puppet.;
    You’re acting as though the person is living in a vacuum and that what our leaders (or musicians or whatever) need to do is simply CHOOSE NOT to be used as puppets. Maybe that’s easy for you to say, but I can assure that poor people have no time for ideology or even principles…THEY WILL DO WHAT IS REQUIRED TO STAY ALIVE. PERIOD. I also think that’s inaccurate to make it look like people just need to ‘choose to do what’s right’ because that’s like saying someone who has been raped from the age of 4, should ‘choose to just get over it’ and CHOOSE to live a healthy life that is completely unaffected by their history. I do feel that most definitely there is individual accountability and action and decision making BUT that individualism is done in the context of the person’s PAST and present, and the what that person has gone through and still goes through because of being born into what they were born into. I mean the ‘untouchables’ of India can CHOOSE that they’ll make it, but there are societal factors that 1) undermine the likelihood that many will think that way because they are TAUGHT from birth that they are ‘nothing’. So gaining self -belief is HUGE uphill task or 2)that their society will just let them ‘make it’. So individualism should always be analysed in the lens of social structures or norms. That said I do believe that there are far too many Afrikans (or Afrikan Amerikkkans for that matter) who have the ability to do more with their lives but choose not to…at the same time there are FAR MORE whose power has been taken from them, who are too poor, too sexually/physically/emotionally abused/ too hooked on drugs basically too BROKEN to CHOOSE to just ‘get with the programme’. It’s an issue of balance. Bear in mind the huge propaganda machinery that tells Black youth all over the world, from the day they’re born, that they’re the underdogs, that Afrika is a hell hole full of lazy and corrupt leaders—what is NOT is the 1) what Afrikans/Blacks are doing RIGHT or 2) how external power are contributing to the problem-be it unfair debt, ridiculously unjust trade laws, involvement of companies and governments of the Global North in corruption schemes in Afrika, gross exploitation of Afrikan resources and people by outsiders…the list goes on). Its deep and complex.
    Its not that cut and dry…and here my main point was to express my disgust with Hollywood on this movie in particular…it just made me sick to my stomach and I felt the need to speak out and create an alternative commentary on this movie.

  41. Some very informative points you have made especially for someone like myself who does not know much about culture in Africa having never been there.

    After reading your original article I now can see the way women were portrayed in the film which was not something that was left in the forefront of my head after seeing the film. I mean I remember a few prostitutes in the film but I definitely didnt think after watching it that there were heaps of prostitutes

    Blood Diamond was of course loaded with the usual bullshit holly wood elements but I still thought it had a good message. I definitely wont be buying my girl a diamond engagement ring. And the corruption ultimately rested with the western companies buying the stones. And the film was about the diamond industry I didnt for a second think this is Africa and would never be ignorant enough to form an opinion of a country based on fuckin hollywood film.

    But why are you hating on it so much when there are some positive and informative messages hopefully that will encourage people to think about the bigger picture and not just with diamonds.

    Why dont you write an article about some 50cent video clip or nelly or some shit. I am a white new zealander, I love underground hip hop, but mainstream gangsta rap and r and b video clips, are so much more in your face condesending and disrespecting black women. Doesn’t that piss you off more? And they have not a single positive element in them and they are embarassing to hip hop and they are on tv every day.

    Just a few thoughts

  42. To Andra:

    First off, I was impressed by the way you articulated your opinions. I hope you continue to post on this blog, as it is my opinion that you would add to the discussions here. (Ive been haunting this blog for a while now and enjoy it very much)

    And now I would like to add my own response to your comment:

    “”it is also dangerous to erase all individual accountability with the past as an EXCUSE. Or imply the motivation to do wrong as excusable, because somewhere someone of a higher power is the culprit that offers the motivation, often pressure. Yes, they ARE, but they share it with the person that CHOOSES to be a puppet.””

    Now, this particular post of Afrikan Eye’s was about the movie Blood Diamond, which is basically about the conflict diamond trade and (less specifically) about the Civil War in Sierra Leone.
    So I will make my example of that conflict.

    You say that those who are “puppets” have the choice, simply not to be puppets. That they must be held accountable for thier actions, and that excuses should not be made for them. This opinion is flawed in relation to the Sierra Leone conflict. I will state two reasons why.

    1. Recruitment of Impoverished and UNEDUCATED individuals.

    Foday Sankoh recruited soldiers for his RUF from extremely poor and uneducated groups. People who had no opertunities and who were mostly illiterate. As African Eye has stated, people who are starving will do almost anything to survive. Foday Sankoh provided desperate people with food, clothing and possibly just as important…he provided a purpose/cause to people who had previously had no reason to live beyond the instinct of survival and the love of a few family members.

    Also, and just as important. These people were uneducated. A person with no education has little to base morale belief. They dont have an education to provide a powerful support structure for a system of ethics.
    Sure, their family must have provided them some morale guidance but its simply not the same. People who have easy access to education are usually ignorant of this type of situation (a situation that millions of people live in). So, desperation born of poverty coupled with a complete lack of education made these people easy victims for Foday Sankoh. These people didnt have the ability to make an informed decision.

    2. Child Soldiers and Forced Conscription.

    The RUF abducted and forced children to fight as soldiers in their conflict, often after killing their parents in front of them. (in order to destroy thier previous authority figures, and then provide them with new ones…commanders in the RUF)

    Thousands of children were conscripted and brainwashed into becoming soldiers and committing atrocities. These children were victims, they had no way of making any decision.

    Also many men and women were forced into conscription with the RUF. They were made to fight on pain of death, torture or dismemberment. Their families were killed or maimed. Or threats were made against their families if individuals chosen for conscription did not submit. And of course, once indoctrinated they became desensitized and brainwashed.

    Under these conditions there wasnt much of a choice.


  44. You’ve so totally missed the point I really just urge you to re-read the article…the phrase ‘forget blood diamond’ refers to the movie no the blood diamond trade phenomenon…wow.

  45. I got a good chuckle from Joneira’s post. I dont think she read the article at all.

  46. fantastic review of that piece of shit film!!

    one thing that i could not bare was how the leading black character (i forget his name) was always shown having anger fits! (almost as if to show how the black man, like an animal, cant control his emotions in the face of adversity). Whereas DiCaprio and the Yankee journalist are in control, rational: ie: they get shit done. Without them, the black man is like a frustrated child.

    And yeah what you said about WOMEN, is spot on.

  47. Well if you’re bothered by Blood Diamond, you definitely don’t want to see LORD OF WAR!

  48. Actually I saw Lord of war and it was a much more intelligent film in my opinion because it showed the crass greed, arrogance and inhumanity of the gun runners and the governments of the Global North. Although of course all depictions of Afrikans were crap…so were the depictions of the white characters…with exception of the character Jared Leto played who ended being portrayed as white loser who couldn’t take it and thus killed himself and also Cage’s wife who ratted out on Cage to the Feds but nothings changed also The Fed guy pursuing Cage who’s hard work amounted to fuckall…Cage was able to continue…that’s how deep the rot is on the side of the global north. Lord of War was a much more intelligent film, it has flaws, but I have fewer issues with it. Blood Diamond made it look like the rot was ONLY from Afrika with the exception of one Northern jewelery company here and there. BUllSHIT.

  49. Wow!! Thank God I stumbled upon this read..You took the words right off my mouth…Personally, I blame the media and the western governments who only portray the evil in Africa while they rape and pillage mother Africa! &%*$#@*^%$

  50. Thank You so much for this wonderful post. I went to watch the movie but left the theatre mid-way cos i was unable to bear the violence and torture that the movie depicted. It’s really strange that westerners portray Africa and African women in such a way. I completely agree with you when you said that Westerners have this weird attitude of “i-really-care-for-theThird-World-Countries”! Good post! Keep it up!


  52. Finally somebody busts out wit tha real nitty gritty truth! keep it up

  53. i love this blog all i was doin was looking for info on the blood diamond for a book report and this blog is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  54. Nice post,But biased.We don’t have untouchables in India any more.Only poor and rich.Funny but true in India even if you abuse someone verbally and call of lower cast you’ll be in deep doo doo. As for the movie It’s not entirely true neither false.They missed to include African women in the movie but,what about Hotel Rwanda?.Men are men they don’t see difference between black brown and white women.Men see women in two ways beautiful or ugly.beddable or not.How many pro american women movies we have? It is True Americans have an extreme case of history blindness.But it’s not their fault.They are a relatively young nation in terms of history.They stiil think we Indians are snake charmers when we are fixing their computers from half a world away.common man’s ignorance, doesnt make them bad …right?.When an image itself can speak volumes why not movies.Blood diamond made people think for a second.And thats more then not knowing that diamonds are killing people in africa.As an Afrikan women you might feel bad but I say you watch that movie from a global perspective.its better then total ignorance.And one more thing about the characters, people don’t ponder into the hearts of characters..For an audience its just a story.they feel the story or not.thats whats important.
    If anyone reading this post has the time and resources plz do really make a movie about Afrikan women.In places where fathers are gone, mothers stand firm and run their families,like most women on this planet.

  55. I understand the point you are trying to make, but I also have to point out the hypocrisy that you display in your rant. To also collectively label “Hollywood” as being ignorant and sugarcoating is just about as obtuse as you claim they are when interpreting the situation in African countries.

    Give them a little credit, in Blood Diamond’s case, they’re trying to focus on one major issue. There are tons of other movies and books that have highlighted African women and their difficulties with slavery and abuse (The Color Purple may not be the best example but it’s the only one that comes to mind at 1:27 AM.) If they tried to take on another angle of bringing feminist rights into the movie, that would have just been too much. It would border on cheese and too much for the audience to handle in three hours (or however long the movie was.) We all have our thresholds.

    And can I quickly say, it is just a movie. And it is just a movie that is trying to impact the world for the better and the general public’s understanding of what is going on outside of their suburban neighborhoods. Maybe it is not the perfect portrayal of all aspects in life in Sierra Leone, or the women who occupy it, but it did a decent job in moving people to try and learn more about the topic and DO something about it. I mean, if the point of the movie was ABOUT the suffering African women, I’d completely agree with you on what you said, but it WASN’T. That was not a major issue, and because it was not so IN THE MOVIE’S PLOT, it also was not necessary to delve deeper into it. (And there was ONE SCENE with prostitutes – give me a break. There are prostitutes everywhere, especially in Third World countries. It is neither a positive nor a negative portrayal, it is REAL.) You wouldn’t watch a movie like Jaws and come out complaining about animal abuse issues … because that wasn’t the POINT. it may be *A* point well worth discussing outside of the movie, but it wasn’t THE point chosen to be focused on.

    All they are trying to do is INFORM, even if only a little bit. The female reporter says at one point how frustrating it is to talk and talk about the shit that is happening in Third World countries, and how hard it is to get people involved. It is INCREDIBLY aggravating to have that feeling of powerlessness. But as for me and for others who felt inspired from the movie to do more and plan to do more, I’m sorry if we strike you as the ignorant type. I’m also sorry if/that you believe we are all stupid enough to believe everything the movie says, because some of us DO realize it is a fictional story based on a plot to keep the audience from being bored. However the meaning was philanthropic, whatever the details, and if you disagree, then you disagree. I just disliked the immediate shutdown you put on it. As a Korean woman, I don’t piss and moan about inaccurate portrayals of my people in the movies. I get a little more pissed off that Hollywood tends to focus more on African troubles than other Third World countries, because I find THAT to be quite ignorant, but it mostly gets to me when it happens in news articles and reports on the news and people who are expected to provide TRUTH, not entertainment. Ah, well, I dunno. That’s just me.

    I do, however, appreciate your thoughts/opinions. You’ve got strong morals there, and it’s people like you I believe are going to start turning heads and direct attention to important issues like these in the present AND the future. Cheers, my friend.

  56. You are right about the way they portray women, but we are speaking of lazy Americans that all they care about is that they have a shotgun and a sandwich. They think that Africa has no cities. Yes they did kind of give African women a dirty image but it was not the main point of th movie, probably on a later date they will release a movie about African women trying to help the situation around them, but first we must inform the world on the problems that lie across their oceans. To my opinion the movie showed rather clearly how an American market can affect a poorer country to such an extent. This movie has done a lot of good around the world, much aid has been brought to Africa thanks to this eye-opener.

  57. honestly it took me several months to even want to watch the movie. and when i finally did, it is now one of my fav movies… the movie was not about the afrikan womans life… or what they have to overcome and what daily struggles they must live with and grow from… it is about a vertain thing… and a movie about a certain thing must leave other things out….

    id love for a movie to be made about an afrikan womans life… and what she must live with and the bloody facts. i love real life movies… but until someone like oprah has a hand in making a movie like that… none of us will have the oppurtunity to view it and praise it….

    youre right… the white man rules the world…

    and what they say goes… its sad and unfair…

    as is life.

    hopefully, more people like you and myself can come together and learn from eachother… and more people like me can know what the truth is…

    do not bash the movie for it was a great movie…

    bash the industry for making a $

  58. that is sooo sad that happpens
    that is sooo mest up if i was there i would help them and i might die trying

  59. At the core of the plight of the African-American is the fact that they only have an average I.Q. of 85, and thus the majority are unable to find work beyond menial labor in the advanced technology age of the 21st Century. The only logical cure is for them to intermarry with higher-I.Q. races ( particularly Asians, who have the highest racial intelligence), thus raising their intelligence upward at each junction, eventually arriving with intellectual skills which will allow them to succeed in modern civilization.

  60. Your post is so inspiring! Films like Blood Diamond often do portray accurately the violence surrounding African civil conflicts, however the awareness raised is often just a misplaced pity-party.

  61. Herk…hahaaaa you’re hilarious dude…thank you for tickling my funny bone today…your backadated opinion on IQ and African Americans is is truly remarkable…damn…your comments don’t deserve any response…they’re just hilarious.

  62. you say you were bittered by the way african women are portraied in BD , well , you shouldn’t , prostitution exists in Sierra Leones and on high levels , as a person who have lived in Sierra Leone for 2 years + , I can tell you that whoredom is one of the major problems that exist in SL to the extent the subject is brought up almost constantly in local media , probably the reason is the high level of poverty among people , sadly , politicians are so corrupt they don’t even care to look for a solution .

  63. hi…… everything that has been said is right…this blog is interesting and awesome, all i was doin was looking for info on the blood diamond cuz i just wanna know more…..They think that us African has nothing like we’re just not human, i’m saying that because i’m African. they did kind of give African people a dirty image but it was not the main point of th movie, and that acully made me very sad….

  64. THIS is the coolest, most truthful thing about hollywood or Africa that i have, like, ever read! O.K, maybe one to many “bad words” but cool still

  65. Well I think that its admireable to talk about the many other horrific things that occur to African woman through-out the past.. but the focus of this movie was not so. The focus of the movie was Blood Diamonds and again it is hollywood and of course it is somewhat fictional, exaggerated or imcomplete when telling the true story.. but it is a movie and is supposed to attract a large and diverse crowd. I think if anything, you should be happy that so many people are at least seeing and know somewhat of the issues that the movie does illustrate. As for the million other issues that the world and African woman have and their stories.. well why dont you write a screenplay for them. Then others will know about those stories. You can only say so much in one film and you can only cover so many issues, let alone accurately. I think it is a good start, and shows at least that some people care enough to make a movie out of a real issue when so many are about nothing. However, I would like see more. Also this is not a factual documentary but a drama and thriller for entertainment as the main purpose.

    There will always be ignorant people who will never know the true story and never search beyond the media for answers.

  66. The blog is interesting, but Hollywood in its small way is attempting to shed light on the problems, which Africs is facing. I only watched the movie today; however, I had the same reaction, which I had to Hotel Rwanda – I sympathise with Africa. I do not believe that they are responsible, that thought doesn’t even cross my mind. There just happens to be sick people all over the world, but blaming all these issues on events that happened centuries ago is slightly nonsensical. Yes it was the initial problem, but that is not an excuse for what is still happening now. i agree that Hollywood may shed the wrong light on the issues, but we all know that presenting a similar story to this in a documentary form would do little to help, if this is the only way to REALLY get people to take notice, then why not. If there is a problem, we should find ANY way to resolve it, however small the effort may be initially – they’re getting there.

  67. Films are ENTERTAINMENT. This is to be remembered first. They could be wrong, they could be right. They are just a story, not a history lesson or a fact file at the end of the day.

    I agree that they do paint a picture of a false reality to some people. Maybe most people that watch them but then the people should be accountable for their own ignorance AS THEY DO HAVE A CHOICE.

    I watched the film and liked it very much AS ENTERTAINMENT because I was engrossed in the story and I felt for the African characters (Solomon and Dia). I wanted them to find each other and be safe. I also liked Leonardo’s character and wanted him to find the pink diamond. This doesn’t mean I do or don’t care or I’m going to think of African women in the way you described. All it means is I liked the film and I LIKED THE SUBJECT ENOUGH TO LEARN MORE.

    Evan if I spend a week researching the so called TRUTH, should I believe it just because it has been written? If someone believes what you’ve wrote in this blog as being true facts regardless of whether it is or not then they are as easily manipulated as the people that believe the film is a recreation of absolute truth. ARE YOU ATTEMTING TO DO THE SAME THING THAT YOU ARE SLATING HOLLYWOOD FOR?

    I’ve never been to Africa and probably never will (I AM A MEDITERRANEAN). I am neither Black or White and hate the fact that Americans & Africans among others compress the many colours and cultures of the world in discussion by describing a person as either being BLACK OR WHITE. That is the real bullshit in my opinion. Yes Africa has had it bad, really really bad, but it is my belief that its not the American/British people of the past that are to take all the blame nor do I believe the African leaders and the RUF murderers are to take all the blame. AFRICA IS A VICTIM OF GREEDY HUMANS. WE ARE ALL HUMAN. WHITE AMERICANS DONT MAKE THE FILMS, HUMANS DO. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT WE ARE ALL LIVING ON THE SAME PLANNET.

  68. I love your frank yet critical approach to the movie and I do agree that the way the women were portayed in the movie was blatantly pathetic, however one has to realize that context has a lot to do with that. It may be vaguely accurate that most of the women that were/ or still are prostitutes or helpess are much closer to the the trade of blood diamonds than to anything other social institution probably. but if you look at the effect of what Western culture has done to african social constructs during the past 100 years, it has changed our morals and values almost completely.Yes…women such as those featured in this movie really do exist and tend to imitate western traits that are not particularly favorable, nonetheless I think that it’s important to highlight that very factor- that Africa still has a lot of hurdles to overcome socially and politically when heading into what is essentially the contemporary world. We cannot make Africa out to be this place where everything happens with justification, whether it be because of our much interrupted cultural history or the twist of socio-economic events that have caused a cyclic dependence upon the 1st world.
    I think that as you said, we should be held accountable in every aspect-not just our leaders but yourself as well as I. When we essentially pick and choose when to be accountable for certain thingS, then don’t you think we ought to be dependant on someone else? Blood Diamond was exquisite in form and structure, and the characters were really emphasized by the reality of this issue- I managed to enjoy a good peice of filmaking as well as get a little more enlightened on current affairs.
    It is extremely important to maintain an open mind towards things that you can learn, as well as things you can learn from. The African woman in many ways is so everchanging and volatile, that you can always learn from her, in all of her stages of traditional thinking all through to feminist thinking. at the end of the day, you don’t need any movie to portray the essence of an african woman as any image pumped out into the world of entertainment and media will always reflect on african women that are truly extraordinary like alek wek and iman.

  69. Interesting blog, Very nice thoughts on this matter. Hollywood has not influenced how I think about black women or any other ethnic group. For the most part I do not think anyone is Hollywood is trying to paint a bad picture of any group of people. People that make films are try to make money.

  70. I take your point here totally,but why are you attacking a hollywood film,everyone knows hollywood is a corrupt money making animal feulled by its own ego,I live in scotland we are depicted as red haired good natured folk running around in kilts looking for monsters!

    Remember,how harsh this is only entertainment not a historical account,this tells the a particular story,therefore anyone in the edges of the story are mearly extras to increase the drama,not to stereotype how people are,they cant tell everyones indivdual story.Surely its the worlds media you should have be having a go at they are responsible for promoting world events and the truth?I have never been to Africa,and may never so I rely on the media for information not an over paid director,I thought this film was great entertainment,but thats it,not a true depiction on life,but this did stir up emotion I may not have had if I hadnt seen the film and highlighted the troubles I may not have known,it does highlight what these industries do for their ill gotton gain,which most people hadnt given a thought before.

    So if this film encourages just one person to look at their concience and help in some way,can be anything even nothing to do with africa even goin to help their local charity,is that not worth it?Instead of focusing on a minority of ignorant people who might,however unlikely think that african women are helpless prostitutes,lets face it these are people who think ghostbusters was a true story!

    I also feel there was a hint of hypocracy creeping in,you are not happy about how the stereotype of african woman depicted in these films however,you went on about the “White-man”(landlords,soldiers etc),I am a white man and in no way condone what others have done in the past,I am embarrassed as how I’m seen when I go to another country as what others have done and are still doing,and I am no way part or condone any of it,so you saying”white-man” adds you to the catagory you are hostile to,pigeon holing the “WEST”.Also not all soldiers are white.You cant call people who go to see this film “blind followers” as you yourself have seen the film,and many others.

    I fully understand your point,I just feel its vented in the wrong direction,this is purely entertainment,how many films are truely historically accurate and not doctored to be more attractive?I feel as long as there is no propoganda or damage made,a film like this that provokes an emotion is a good cataylist,if this makes one person get up of their arse and change one persons life for the better,then its 100% worth it.Anyone with half an ounce of intelligence will not look as deeply into this film as you feel they might.

    At the end of the day if we are not in situations to experience it first hand for ourselves,we have to rely on others to tell us,but how do we know they arnt doctoring what we hear,so we have to make our own minds up with what evidence we have and looking at a film for truth will be the last place I look at,however as long as people know it purely dramaticised for entertainment it can be used as a good highlighter.

  71. The filmmakers make the movies with good intentions, they want to just inform people about the horrible things that are going on in Africa to wake people up to the fact that the world is not all wonderful like America. They want people to be inspired enough to go and try to do something to help and also go research it.
    They just go about it in the wrong way. Every movie will focus on a different perspective, not enough focus on hope.

    There are many great movies about the slave trade and how the white men raped the women and children on the boat every day, however, I agree that they should make a more recent one.

  72. I don’t think it’s fair to say the movie depicted black men badly. Everyone knows evil exists in all different races and groups and the main character who was black was the most moral character in the film.

    I’m absolutely disgusted that people were hunted and sold into slavery but that is in the past and while we can learn from mistakes we can’t change it. So wouldn’t it be a better idea to make people aware of what is going on NOW?

    I also don’t think it’s fair to blame the corruption of current governments on other countries.

  73. Nick: I don’t know if you could describe America as ‘all wonderful’ (for some people maybe) and I don’t think people are going to watch a movie about women and children being raped each day.

  74. The filmmakers have seriously little ‘good intentions’. In Hollywood movies like Blood Diamond, the plot is seriously screwed up. The newsperson tells you nothing about the situation in the third world. What they portray in the movie is not even close to what is happening in the real world. Even when the movie was shown, did the wars in the third world show any signs of stopping? Not a fuck at all. Damn those asshole fool scriptwriters

  75. you have to be kidding me,yea,america allows the importation of drugs into america so that they can have young black kids sell them and keep the black community down.what a have to be kidding.its not like they dont have a chance to actually go to school,if they cant afford collage there is just about every opportunity for a black american to get finantial aid,or a scolarship.about 1000 times easier than for a white male with better grades.affirmative action is reverse racism and there is no way to argue it.companies are forced to hire undereducated blacks because the government forces them to hire a certain percentage of african americans,a higher percentage than the actual percentage of actual blacks in the country!.they are forcd to give these jobs and white applicats that are twice as quallified are rejected based soly on afirmative action laws.

    its supposed to fix problems caused by slavery,ha.noone alive today was born anywhere near 100 years of slavery,yet blacks feel that are entitled to something wites arnt.i have nes for you.whites didnt go into africe and steal slaves like they were monkies,they were sold to the white tradors by their black kings.blacks sold blacks to whites to everyone is the blame,not to mention that there is not a single race,religion or ethnicity,that was not held as slaves at one point or another.

    yes blacks were forced to work,well guess what,white christians were fed to the lions as slaves,jews were murdered by the millions by the nazis,the romans enslaved jst about everyone,and the most guilty race of all for using slaves are africans them selves.who do you think built the pyramids,you peole should educate yourselves ,insted of making up excuses of why a movie is bad for you really think spike lee portrais white in a good light,hell no,but i and most whites could care less because hes a terrible director and thats why he hasnt made a movie is 15 years.he has no talent and there for he has no work or oscar like leonardo has.

    its a movie,not a history lesson about africa.its a movie about 2 people and a just happened to take place in africa.just because it took place is sacred africe,every injustice and every point of view are supposed to be expressed,expressed so much that it no longer becomes an entertaining movie,yes movies are made for the sole reason to entertain.if you want a history lesson read a history book,if you dont like what you read,do the research and write your own book the way you see it.but based of how one sided and racist your outlook on life is,i doubt anyone will ever take your one sides point of view serious.

    anyone can see by their point of view,but its the amazing few that can see something in all points of view.a trait so rare,its the reason our media and newspapers write and report in the manner they do.

  76. Open up lady!! This is the real world and probably what is going on in africa…or anywhere in the world. We have to face the facts…we cannot change anything although we try very hard. Just pray for your sould to soul to be saved.

  77. […] Across This Blog While doing a search: Forget Blood Diamond The time has come… Thought maybe some of ya’ll would want to check it out if you hadn’t seen it before. […]

  78. OH MY GOD. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. What you have said is so true, i am in awe of you. there is alack of females like you. I am so happy to see someone who thinks like I do. please contact me.

  79. I have not watched the movie Blood diamonds, i saw the advertisement for it and i immediately coined the fact that the way we as Afrikans will be represented will be in the regular stereotypical manner….a few other movies i personally dont intend to watch or appreciate King of scotland and tears of the sun there are other movies that exemplify the stereotypical bias that we encounter in our day to day lives as Afrikans that truly misrepresent us….

    Tuko Pamoja

  80. blood diamond is da shizzit, fo sho!!! who gives a damn about what it misinterpreted, its fucking Hollywood… why go balls deep into something that unimportant. oh and mimi is a lesbo for real lol

  81. I understand ur anger, but honestly I wouldn’t go to the extent of saying FUCK BLOOD DIAMOND… As a Sierra Leonean native, I was quite moved that Hollywood would even do a film of what is going on with the Diamond Trade in Sierra Leone. I saw the impact of it firsthand, I heard the many different stories, every child has its story, so Hollywood did an excellent job trying to spread the consciousness to the masses. Trying to show the world that the Eurocentric obsession with material things is getting out of control, and as a result to that there are wars going on, and innocent people are dying, women were being RAPED, Beaten, KILLED, etc… so that film didn’t over exaggerate anything if you ask me, it spoke the TRUTH of all that was being transpired because of WHITE people’s obsession with wealth, and to what extent they would go to be wealthy. It was quite accurate, because I was sitting in the courtrooms when the stories were being told, and the same stories being told were the same ones used to make the film. And as far as the movies showing the slavery, and the white’s taking advantage, THERE ARE PLENTY! Sankofa, Color Purple, Roots, Mississippi Burning, etc, its just that you may need to do some research, they are out there. From an African Woman to another:
    Peace and Blessings

  82. Its anazing how the world is bundled upon falsity and white lie. Your message is very strong and stable, I sometimes wonder how long American’a can make up such fiction just to better strong themselves with great ambitions. your most appreciated for the accurate fact’s of our africane legacy. I will plant myself and fellow friends with this strong report.

  83. I completely disagree with you! Blood Diamond is simply trying to portray the actual happenings in Sierra Leone some years back. I think the film is an important reminder of what we hear so little about, but which has a devastating impact on African peoples lives. The director shows us how both the RUF, the government forces and basically everyone else had no troubles at all by slaughtering innocent people; that to some, killing each other was the way of life. You sound very way-over-the-top feministic to me, and the fact that you hate this movie because of the way it portrays women (even though I’m not sure it is portraying them in a certain way) is something I cannot understand… Let me put it this way: There is a reason that Blood Diamond was nominated for five Academy Awards… I hope everyone who hasn’t seen it yet will do so very soon. Trust me; it’s a movie worth watching…

  84. How about giving Hollywood some credit for shining a light on a subject most people world wide completely ignore. You have to admit that a movie about Africa being literally raped by the diamond trade is hardly what most in that business would consider a “block buster must make cash cow”, and showed a better effort on their behalf than most of the mindless garbage they produce.

    Even if you believe the story doesn’t represent much truth (though you could have fooled me since your opening statement agreed with everything this movie portrayed “except” that African women didn’t show more fight and resilience in the film)… realize that this film is aimed at an audience “outside of Africa” and intended to “wake up” those viewers. In my opinion there is nothing more eye opening than senseless violence, and especially when it is aimed at women and children who are just trying to survive. Even more so if there is the slightest shred of truth in it’s portrayal. So, perhaps Hollywood overstated vulnerabilities to emphasis their point… rather than insult the strength of African women as you suggest.

    Besides, if you really want to be angry… why not aim your sights on the problems this movie exposes versus lunging at throats over one character flaw.

    You can start by boycotting diamonds, and then sending condemning letters to every multi-million dollar pro athlete who perpetuate stereotypes better than Hollywood ever could by sporting “2 carat solitaires” on each earlobe.

  85. P.S. – I don’t know if it’s by your design, or just accident, but I do like the “quilting blocks” which appear at the end of each remark.

    Quilting is just one example of the “resilient strengths” you speak of when mentioning African women… and all women for that matter.

  86. Speaking as an African American,Coming from Hollywood, I expected that it would give off a stench of disinformation whether intended or not. The question-not really-was how much! I COMMEND YOUUU for even going as far as you did because I did not even ATTEMPT to even TRY to see it at the theatre or the video store. When I did see SOME of it, I did not even get through the whole movie because DiCaprio’s character ticked me off with the fight scene, even if I recall correctly, Djimon Hounsou’s character started it because his attitude annoyed the freak out of me from jump!

  87. I just discovered your blog and I’m going through it right now 🙂 I like what you wrote here. I think people have a hard time facing up to the past and what was really done. Sometimes its only words to them. We can see the reverberations even to this day.
    Will be reading more of your entries , thanks again for putting up this blog and sharing your feelings.

  88. Im 15 and personally I dont think its right that you say “Fuck blood diamond”. Its about child torture, how much more real can it get. No one should “forget” about blood diamond, because then there “forgetting” about the torture that occurs to male children of African decent to search for diamond, meanwhile to pain and suffer of the innocent familes. This articles a little over exaggerated and unfair in my opinion.

  89. My sista, your thoughts are profound and truthful…

  90. this is soo sad 😐 FUCK THE WORLD !!!!!!!

  91. I have never seen the blood diamond movie, but I do know that all the (factual) media shows about Africa are the people giving 13yr old guns and killing everyone. I never see white people doing this but I am aware that the 1st world countries are where Africa gets its guns. I am a proud African American who owns a gun, and all I am saying is, I know it is wrong for countries like America to give guns to uneducated and violent individuals but I also feel that having a gun doesn’t make you shoot a harmless child in the head. I don’t understand why to good people of Africa ( black and white) don’t come together to take the continent back from the violent people giving it a bad name. Why do the African people allow the English settlers run their country. The African outnumber them 100 to 1. Please Help me understand why Africa is not helping itself solve its problems. And if it is, what is being done so that I may be informed and pass on the news. Don’t blame Hollywood for exploiting only one of the problems in Africa and not the rest. How bout Africa step up and show the world what they want us to see.
    As for those who say that Hollywood should stop misinforming the public. Ask yourself the question “how many movies are you interested in that are politically correct”. Hollywood would go bankrupt if it was just another Discovery channel.

  92. Fantastic article. I mean, I really liked the movie, but what you have said here has made me really think about what is being depicted.

  93. i watched blood diamond recently and i loved it, but now that iv read ur blog i c ur point. But like many people pointed out if it wasnt for this movie i wod have never thought twice about diamonds or where they come from and i thank u for binging this to mu attention. But africa isnt the only place take palestine for exampple its been constantly fought over (and still is) and there are SO many inhuman things that go on there. But no1 is willing 2 challenge israel because of hitler and cus america is unwilling 2 do somthing.(which i have 2 say is its disgustig wat that man did 2 people!!). I just felt like saying this cus half my family live there and last time i visited i was nearly killed so this is real important 2 me. But u knw wat the entire world is completly fuked, every1 just thinks about the money and thats just it. americas fuked the world up and now its losing its power, i wonder whos next in line 2 have their turn in messing up this world.

  94. Deep……………

  95. I believe the movie Blood Diamond was just telling the way that things are over there. It had nothing to do with slaves. It had nothing to do with the past. It was all about the present. There are plenty of movies on slavery. There are plenty of movies that deal with the hardships EVERY race has had to endure. Not just Black’s but Hispanics, Whites, Jews, Asians, American Indians and many more races. I know you were just stating your opinion. So I am stating mine as well. Everyone has freedom of speech. Africans are not the only race in the world that have gone through crap. Things have changed now. There is no reason to live in the past. Slavery is OVER. You know who abolished it? A white man. Named Abraham Lincoln. Blood Diamond is an amazing movie that tells the true story of how things are over there. Not all African people are bad like that no, but that movie opened up the public’s eye to what REALLY is going on over there. This is really happening. Throwing the past, talking about slavery, and how blacks were treated so bad is pointless. Not only because it is over and done with but because everyone makes such a big deal about it. I completely understand slavery was one of the worst things that ever happened in the world. Slavery was horrible and sad. Blacks weren’t the only slaves though. There were white slaves, there were Indian slaves, there were slaves of every race. It really bothers me when people like you come to America and say how stupid Americans are and how stupid the white people are. You people think we owe you something. If you don’t like America and the way we do things then leave. Why be here when you hate our people and our race so much. Grow up. Open your eyes. This is AMERICA now. This is AFRICA now. Not Hundreds of years ago. It is time to live in the present. I respect you for stating your opinion. However I have no respect for the fact that you are STILL bring up slavery. You weren’t a slave. Your great grandmother probably wasn’t even a slave. Realize that.

  96. I’ve been waiting for someone to speak out like this for a long time. I’m doing an English report on the “brutal rapacity of which European explorers exploited Africa.” I typed in “slave abuse in Africa” in Google Search and your blog showed up. I’m doing a report for the novle Heart of Darkness and it didn’t mention how female Africans were treated any differently than males. I knew that they were raped. Women have always been raped…but I didn’t realize that they used women for target practice…most likely because they couldn’t lift as much as men could…No one ever responds to these kinds of events with the kind of ferocity I believe they should recieve. Just read the woman’s story in a collection called The Canterbury Tales. That did not end up fairly. I would have let the the king kill that night or even asked to do it myself. If I did give him a chance to save himself like the Queen did then I certainly would have killed him anyway! If you read it you’ll know and probably agree with me. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity they are, women are still mistreated. What men don’t understand is that so long as they are raped, hit, or judged unfairly by men, women will not be happy. I wanted to comment on your blog because I believe you DO express your hatred of this abuse with an acceptable amount of ferocity and should use that talent to bring awareness to everyone about this injustice. I’m only in high school, but I feel I understand more about human relations than can ever be helped without destroying the content feelings we have in our lives. Please take this to someone who can make you be heard. If you can’t then you can make yourself be heard. Pursue this in writing and in speeches if you have to. If you feel strongly about these types of injustices and can somehow find the time in your life to convince people that its a problem, tell them! Tell us! Your viewers! Don’t keep any of this to yourself. The world needs to know. Just tell them.

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