Wanted: White liberals to save Afrika…NOT!

I am SICK AND TIRED of the NGO sector in Afrika. Why? Because it’s a sector that’s supposedly around for the sake of all the forsaken and forgotten people in the continent and has been designed to ‘help them develop’ (whatever THAT means). The truth is that its dominated by people in Geneva, Washington or some other northern capital, who have no idea of what the needs are on the ground and are frankly more interested in being seen to be making a change rather than actually making a change.

Even worse is this new breed of neo-liberal white kids who come traipsing into our country to ‘help the poor starving Black people’ and maybe even ‘find themselves’ while they’re at it. The nauseating testimonies I hear from these white kids on how ‘coming Africa changed my life’ are too many to recall…with their stupid comments like ‘now I’m so thankful to have running water at home’…or even better, ‘African people just seem so happy all the time.’ And then these students in ‘international development’ come from universities to do some research work for their thesis and feel like they have a right to ask all the communities they meet any question they want because they think doing something significant. Let me tell you this…WE’RE TIRED OF YOU!

A report by Action Aid (click here to download the full report titled: Real Aid- An agenda for making aid work) showed that when countries in the global north give out what THEY call Aid, a lot of that money ends up back in their economies. The entire sector is structured to be inefficient and powerless, relying on funds from some of the very same institutions whose injustices we purport to be fighting…Does anyone bother to find out how the ‘big names’ in philanthropy and international aid invest their money? Is ethical investing a part of their vocab? As Graham Hancock so eloquently pointed out in his book Lords of Poverty, poverty is an industry that is far to lucrative for some to be done away with by them. That’s why its so nauseating see all these professionals and students from the global north arrive here by the bus load to ‘solve Africa’s problems’ when most of the bleeding trouble is generated by themselves, the hyper-consumerism of their nations, their insane financial and foreign policies and multinational corporate behaviour. They should bleeding well stay where they are and ‘help save the world’ from their own nations.

As Hancock explains:
At every level in the structure of almost all our most important aid-giving organisations, we have installed a tribe of highly paid men and women who are irredeemably out of touch with the day-to-day realities of the … underdevelopment which they are supposed to be working to alleviate. The over-compensated aid bureaucrats demand — and get — a standard of living often far better than that which they could aspire to if they were working, for example, in industry or commerce in the home countries. At the same time, however, their achievements and performance are in no way subjected to the same exacting and competitive processes of evaluation that are considered normal in business. Precisely because their professional field is ‘humanitarianism’ rather than, say, ‘sales’, or ‘production’ or ‘engineering’, they are rarely required to demonstrate and validate their worth in quantitative, measurable ways. Surrounding themselves with the mystifying jargon of their trade, these lords of poverty are the druids of the modern era wielding enormous power that is accountable to no one.” [pp.32-33]


It’s just so aggravating because its obvious that most of these white NGO professionals don’t give a shit and don’t even know the deal. They’re just delighted that they live in a mansion with 3 house servants and 2 nannies who take care of their children and make sure the house and compound are spotless. They could NEVER afford to live like that in the US, Britain, Sweden or wherever they come from. And these tend to be the same people to endlessly whine about ‘African corruption and incompetence’ and how ‘nothing works in Africa’ and how you ‘can’t find decent schools and hospitals here’…well if its so bloody awful why don’t you FUCK OFF!

Believe me I tried to have enlightened conversations with these white liberals (you know the ones who are beaten with clubs as they ‘peacefully protest’ outside WTO and G8 meetings) and frankly, they can’t even begin to see how even they way they think, how they spend their money, how they have been trained to perceive Afrika as a ‘desperately hopeless continent’ is all part of the way Africans are dehumanised. They don’t get that even though they as an individuals may ‘like African people’ on a conscious level, they are living with institutional privilege that degrades Black people, especially Africans….and as long as they do not fight this institutional privilege they’re part of the problem. These neo-liberals ‘committed to global equality’ need to devise ways to deliberately dismantle THEIR chains of PSYCHOLOGICAL SLAVERY that tells them its NORMAL for white people to be treated better on an individual and group level…and that they should generally expect to be treated better globally. Of course this isn’t a conscious thought that most of them have, but I can assure you that the sense of white entitlement is very much alive and kicking.

There was a time I and several other people are standing the line to check in for a flight airplane, and this group of white men just tried to push to front of everyone and be checked in first because they were ‘in a rush’. What?! And what were we doing there….standing there for decorative purposes?! But it didn’t occur to these white men that you know what, we Africans may also be in a rush but we’re WAITING IN LINE for our turn. But oh no…we Africans may be in a rush but white privilege dictates that its ok to barge in front of people, especially Africans who ‘can’t even run their countries’, right? Riiiiiiggght.

So unless these white liberals (bleeding heart varieties) make a point to re-train themselves on how they perceive Africans, they’re part of the damn problem. These white liberals who have actually convinced themselves that ‘they care’ don’t see that they have been trained to dehumanise Africa or -at best- view Africa as a little kid that desperately needs their help. It may not be their fault that they have been raised with this mentality but for FUCK’S sake, have the decency to study the culture you’re about to enter and make a bleeding effort to understand that YOU DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS. So don’t come here with your damn righteous and pious talk to ‘save the starving negroes’ which, in its effort to ‘culturally sensitive’, just insults everyone. You can’t be culturally sensitive unless you’ve made an effort to understand the culture you’re entering. And to be honest many of these white NGO workers and students come to Africa and feel like the community ‘should cooperate’ and be willing to spend hours talking about themselves so that this white person can write a ‘groundbreaking’ study about’ the X village in Y country in Africa’ and thus skyrocket his/her career to career bliss…and leave the communities, that gave him/her the material for their work, in desolation. He/she can’t even be bothered to do some fundraising or find creative ways to incorporate community members into his/her work so that THEY gain visibility and are exposed to opportunities that otherwise do not exist for them. But NO…that’s far too involving and tiring for the white NGO worker, committedly trudging through the mud to continue their ‘all important work’….Fuuuuucccck offfff!











I personally do not see what all these multinational NGOs (that’s what they are) and endless lines of development students and professionals are doing in Africa. My advise to them is to LEAVE US ALONE. Go back to your country and grapple with trying to end unfair trade agreements, hyper-consumerism and figure out how to stop THAT. But oh, that doesn’t seem quite as exciting and oddly ‘glamorous’ as working with ‘slum communities in Africa’ does it? I doesn’t make you look like you’re really a white person who ‘knows the deal’, does it? And that’s exactly the problem. All these people who don’t know or understand our country are coming here by the THOUSANDS to solve a problem that’s existed for decades. If it were that easy to solve, Africans would have solved it by now. Why don’t they stop the problem at one of the sources, namely, the hunger for resources and wealth by the global north? And don’t say ‘its not us, its our government that’s bad’…I mean what the fuuuck does that mean when it’s the PEOPLE who leave lights on in buildings, buy a new wardrobe full of clothes every year, eat too much, leave water running…is THAT all the government’s fault as well?

But no, its not ‘cutting edge’ to protest outside the WTO anymore…now its trendy to go to and ‘ mingle with the natives’ and really get your ‘hands dirty’. Only then can you, as a white liberal in your NIKE sneakers, ADIDAS backpack and clothes from THE GAP, stand on the podium and be given the medal of ‘authentic development worker’.


Fuck false validation.


~ by Afrikan Eye on May 21, 2007.

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  1. I do so agree with this! If you are a so called”indeginous” NGO, you will NEVER get funding until you get a white person no matter how stupid, incompetent and uneducated they are to be the director!
    It stupid and it sucks. and all this directors send the money straight back home. Our governments are no better as they are supposed to have stringent measures for issues work permits, but as long as you are white, no one cares about your qulifications!


  2. This is such and ignorant article.

    At least someone’s doing something, whether it’s for the “right” reasons (whatever “right” means to you) or not. Are any of our own people doing anything? It’s quite clear that the world isn’t fair and that there’s instability in the universe. The earth isn’t flat you know so of course there will be, but fact is, at least someone is DOING SOMETHING. It doesn’t matter whether they’re white or black. Heck if all I needed to erase poverty and world hunger was a white man on my board, send him in!! Who the fuck cares about that kind of politics when it’s feeding starving children?! I’m getting a chance to do something. The time ya’ll spend finding things to hate and reasons NOT to get involved could be spent finding ways to support the people who do. Or better yet, get up and do something yourself! Why not write an incensed and bitter article about the aid that ISN”t getting to the people who need it? Talk about that kind of politics. The man trying to stop the other man from saving some dying people. Write about that for a change!

  3. You’re the one who’s not seeing straight and are so drunk on your own ‘feeling of usefullness’ that you don’t want to see the truth.
    First of all I don’t need you to tell me what I should and should not write about. I’ll write about what I WANT to write about…go and instruct someone who gives a damn about what you want. And your anger seems to have affected your ability to process the post because I referred to the Aid world and how its full of dead weight ‘NGO expatriates’ that are overpaid and under-worked.

    Secondly, you have no idea what I do as my job. You have no idea whether or not I work with poor income communities or not…and for you information I DO and as an Afrikan woman working with my people I have the experience under my belt to see the effect white liberals are having on the AID world and how they’re part of the problem.
    Thirdly, its not good enough to say ‘At least someone’s doing something’….THAT ATTIUDE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. If that’s the attitude you have then DON’T COME TO AFRICA. Take that attitude elsewhere, preferably to your own community and go and whine over there about ‘at least I’m doing something’. When will you understand that ITS NOT ABOUT YOU AND HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL?! You seem to embody the type of self-righteous pious crappy attitude that I was referring to in the article. If you want to come to Africa so that you can feel better about yourself and tell yourself ‘at least I’m doing something’ then DON’T COME. We don’t need halfhearted attempts made by people so self involved and egotistical that they are more interested in getting enlightened about themselves and ‘the problems in Africa’ (so that you can seem informed and ‘with it’) than they are in truly engaging in problem solving. We don’t need anymore bleeding hearts…REALLY keep that NONSENSE to yourself. What we need in Africa is intelligent minds committed to African development not bleeding hearts, from wherever you come from, who want to ‘feel the pain’ and ‘share experiences with the natives’.

    Fourthly, for your INFORMATION we Africans are doing THE MOST to help ourselves. If it wasn’t for our ingenuity, intelligence, tenacity and compassion for each other we should have been erased as a continent decades ago. For you to have the audacity to insinuate that the only people who are helping Africa are foreigners is frankly in bad taste and typical of the imperialistic mindset that these liberal white kids that I referred to in the post, come with.

    Finally, politics DOES matter. It is precisely the political economies of the Global North that contribute immensely to African poverty be it through unfair trade agreements, military intimidation, constant attacks on Africa by their media or debt. Politics is why Africa suffers. Also, for heavens sake, most of the large donors to Africa are political entities set up by their governments to basically implement foreign policy agendas in the name of ‘Aid’. All really loaded donors are linked to their government and follow what it is their government wants them to do. So if that, to you, is still not political than clearly the thinking and logic process you use is one that I am not familiar with. The least you can do is read the Action Aid report before you make uninformed statements like saying aid is not about politics…just how dumb is that?

    GO BACK to you country if you really believe what you said in your post. We don’t need your types here. The least you can do is learn from the foreigners who have come to Africa and truly made a difference. Your job isn’t to ‘solve Africa’s problems’…we have enough foreigners here supposedly doing that and living ‘the life’ as they do NOTHING. If you want to, you can continue to deceive yourself and make yourself feel better and useful by telling yourself that you’re ‘helping Africa’. Just know that you’re probably lying to yourself and are more interested in feeling good about yourself because you’re ‘doing something’ even though that thing you’re dong is wreaking havoc on those you came to ‘save’.

  4. Your response seems filled with anger. Why be angry at someone who honestly responded to your post. You were trying to generate dialogue, weren’t you? Now, may I suggest you look at the African ruling powers. They are the ones who seem to be drunk on power and emulating other European politicans. After all most of them were educated in Europe and America, then they come back to African and rob, rape and piledge their own country. And for what: cars, homes, money, women. How many African Americans, besides Oprah, are making a difference in Africa? Where are the young black students from HBCU? Talk about them. Are they there?

    Who was it that started the tribal war where 800,000 Tutsis were hacked to death by Hutos. Where is the outcry from your leaders about Rawanda, Liberia, Haiti and even the black communities of the US. After gaining independence from the British, France, Portugal, Spain and other countries, where is the African pride? Why was Charles Taylor exiled from Liberia after waging civil war against the rebels who lived in poverty while he lived in richness? What about that? Why are people fighting in the Nigerian Delta? Because they are sick and tired of being poor, sick and tired!

    Africa was a rich nation ruled by great kings and queens. Now your leaders are killing their own people in the name of God and democracy, and as puppets for Europeans.

    Your anger could be better served if directed at your own people instead of a few white kids who, for whatever reason, are brave enough to try and make a difference.

    You make good points. But ask yourself this question, where are the Africans and Blacks, and are they trying to save Africa?

  5. Firstly, I’m not African American I’m Afrikan. So whether African Americans should be doing anything in Afrika is a discussion for them to have. So I think you should ask some of your questions to African Americans.
    Secondly, you seem to be saying that just because I responded to her comment, suddenly now its not dialogue. Does your definition of dialogue state that one cannot respond to comments? This idea that Afrikans should just tolerate ignorant attacks on our people and continent in the name of civility is complete nonsense. We already have to deal with constant attacks on Afrika by the media, movies, newspapers, magazines…and the idea that we should just ‘tolerate’ this ludicrous. We have a right to protect our self-respect and correct misconceptions about us.
    Thirdly, I’m sick and tired of people coming to Afrika, with the idea that they can ‘save’ us. We don’t need you guys to save us! Ivan Illich says it so well in his piece which I recently posted on this blog. Also this post was specifically on the phenomenon of white kids who come to Afrika. I’ve written blogs on other issues. This blog was on the invasion by white kids coming to Afrika to ‘help’ us. I don’t think bravery has anything to do with why they come. They come to essentially feel better about themselves and say to themselves ‘well at least I tried to help…at least I did my bit’. They come because of the saviour complex many of them have and then after spending 6months or a year here they can now go back to their countries and tell everyone how useful they feel and how much they did to help the Afrikans. It’s more about them than it is about helping us. So it has nothing to do with bravery. I think what would be really brave is if they went to the so-called ghettos in their own countries and tried to ‘save’ their fellow countrymen from crime, drug addiction, abusive homes and police harassment. What would also be brave is if they organised themselves to stop hyper consumerism that is fuelling poverty in Africa. Now THAT would be brave because it would entail embracing a whole different lifestyle that may not be as convenient and comfortable as the old one.
    Let me make this clear: we don’t need ‘well intentioned’ people of any race coming to Africa to ‘make a difference’. Why does everyone have the feeling that if they come to Africa, we Africans should be grateful? WHY? Why do people assume that just because they’re coming to Africa to ‘help Africa’, that their actions are actually helpful? Do NOT assume that just because people are coming to Africa to help that they are 1) helping Africa, that 2) Africans want their help or 3) Africans should be grateful for their help. This is precisely the type of paternalistic and patronising attitude that demonstrates that people still view Africans like humans that aren’t quite human…yet.
    Further, you need to read about the effects of the salve trade, colonialism, the Cold War and globalisation have done to Afrika. I’ve done posts on those issues before and there are PLENTY of books that explain the issues further. So your statement that ‘Africa was a rich nation ruled by great kings and queens. Now your leaders are killing their own people in the name of God and democracy, and as puppets for Europeans’. Many African leaders (and I assume that by leaders you mean more that Presidents) are NOT what you say they are. Further, yes its true we Afrika has a problem in terms of many of its sitting presidents, but that is a situation that is improving. Once more, you don’t seem to understand how the cold war in particular led to the creation of the a culture where the government is not accountable to its people. Further you seem to be unaware of how structures like the World Bank and IMF further also erode our government’ accountability to us as Afrikans. And when you look at Afrika with the eyes of condescension and spite that you do, and then claim to come to Afrika ‘to help’, you’re just deceiving yourself. Its incredible that people who have no real understanding of Afrika feel like they can make comments on how ‘underdeveloped’ Afrika is. It is exactly comments like yours that make people assume that Afrika and inherently less capable of ruling their continent that other people are. It is exactly that comment that feeds into the misconception that Afrikans just ‘can’t get their shit together’ and that its ALL their fault. This is typical post-modernist posturing that looks at Afrika today without looking into factors that have led to Afrika being where it is and then AS YOU HAVE DONE proceeds to blame Afrika for everything. So please, read up on Afrika before you make comments like that. And you know what, many foreigners who come to Afrika, come with your viewpoint….namely that Afrikans are just really quite useless because they just can’t develop themselves and just ‘don’t get it’. And then you have the audacity to say that Afrikans should be happy when people with that type of viewpoint are come to ‘help’ Afrika? I think NOT.
    Also, you’re assuming that when African countries gained independence, they had the power to do what they wanted. What you DO NOT know is that colonialisms left Africa’s economy, infrastructure, healthcare system, education system, judicial system, spiritual systems and political system in RAVAGES. So what exactly do you mean when you say, ‘After gaining independence from the British, France, Portugal, Spain and other countries, where is the African pride?’, you really have no understand of the depth of devastation Afrika has been recovering from. You want us to ‘correct’ the injustices that have been meted out to Afrika for over 600 YEARS in 50 years, 50 years during which , mind you Afrikan development CONTINUES to be undermined by meddling forigners…it’s a bit naive and delusional to expect that.
    Moreover, you seem to be insinuating that Africans are NOT doing anything to save Africa….Do you live in Afrika? You clearly don’t because if you did, you’d see just how much we Afrikans are doing to improve our situation. So just because you don’t see it in your news, don’t assume its not happening. Don’t assume that Afrika is the hopeless, starving continent that media stations in the US and Europe portray with such enthusiasm. If you lived here you would see how utterly ridiculous it is to imply that Afrikans are doing NOTHING. That’s like me saying that African Americans are doing NOTHING to improve their situation and infact are entirely to blame for their position in society. That’s like me saying that its all the fault of African Americans that they can’t get decent jobs, do pathetically in school compared to everyone else, are always in jail, are hooked on drugs, are on welfare and aren’t really dong anything to improve their situation. And if you’re talking about a culture that is obsessed with money cars, bling and consumerism, many say that the African American community exemplifies this through its mainstream hip hop culture. Stories abound of how Black people in the US would rather buy some piece of clothing worth $400 dollars rather than save that and make a better life for themselves. Now you and I know that such assertions are shallow and misleading and are definitely not reflective of all Blacks in the US. So when you say , ‘where are the Africans and Blacks, and are they trying to save Africa?’, its really too ignorant to comment further on.
    Finally, this post was not intended to address how we Afrikans can work even harder to improve our situation. Of course Afrikans, especially the Afrikan leaders have a role to play in exacerbating Afrikan poverty, but this post was not discussing that. But I’m sure you have very well developed theories on how its all Afrika’s fault, so maybe you can share those us.

  6. Im not jumping into any of the comments or debates that have been added to the original post. I just wanted to reiterate a point I made on a different post. The constant mentioning of “white people”. Here is a bit of your post Ill comment on.

    “”And to be honest many of these white NGO workers and students come to Africa and feel like the community ‘should cooperate’ and be willing to spend hours talking about themselves so that this white person can write a ‘groundbreaking’ study about’ the X village in Y country in Africa’ and thus skyrocket his/her career to career bliss…and leave the communities, that gave him/her the material for their work, in desolation. He/she can’t even be bothered to do some fundraising or find creative ways to incorporate community members into his/her work so that THEY gain visibility and are exposed to opportunities that otherwise do not exist for them. But NO…that’s far too involving and tiring for the white NGO worker, committedly trudging through the mud to continue their ‘all important work””

    You characterize this person as the “white NGO worker”. Maybe most NGO workers are white. Maybe many of the people with this attitude are white. But they are like this not BECAUSE they are white, but because of their culture.
    There is no reason to mention them as a white person. Just an NGO worker would be fine. Or a “westerner” or more specifically an “american” or a “British person” excetera. Something like that.
    People will probably assume the people your talking about are white. You dont have to point that out, that alone is reason enough to leave out all this “white person” stuff. Being white isnt these peoples problem.

    Ignorance, Arrogance, Indifference. Those are the problems and those are not personality traits inherent in white people. These are traits of the majority of North Western peoples, REGARDLESS of their race.

    Much of your writing has a racist tone that I hope is unintentional.
    Overall Im impressed with you and to find out that your actually a racist would be very disappointing. I hope and believe that is not the case.
    I think your just falling into generalities in your writing.

    Its hurting your work. Truely.

  7. Sorry I left something out. The section of your original post that I quoted…Its good. I like the point your making. But you see how making the character white distracted me from your point? (Well it didnt really but it could with others) It was unnecissary and hurt your effort to make your point.

    Conciseness is the key to effectivly making your point. Do not add things that distract from your point. At least thats my advice.

    Im not saying NEVER use the term “White”.

    “””I do so agree with this! If you are a so called”indeginous” NGO, you will NEVER get funding until you get a white person no matter how stupid, incompetent and uneducated they are to be the director!”””

    -From Half n Half, first response to original post.

    There is nothing wrong with that comment. Yes, she mentioned a “white person” but it was necessary to make her point. Funding wont be given unless the director is white, because many of the people that would offer funds are racist. Thats a valid point.
    So I hope you see, Im not being oversensative. I myself have a valid point that Im doing my best to convey to you.

  8. If you read racist tone in my writing, then please feel free to stop reading. It seems like every time a person who is not white openly expresses disgust at the way WHITE people are treating them, suddenly its racist…riiiiight, whatever.
    Also I’m not generalising. The attitudes I write about in this post are those I have met coming from WHITE university kids and NGO workers. I am yet to find a Black, Asian or person of any other race who is quite as patronising and condescending in their perception and treatment of Afrika.
    The whole post was about White NGO workers. Of course not al NGO workers are white, that’s pretty obvious. And again for you to distinguish between culture and race I think is stretching a bit. If race has NOTHING to do with culture then why is that Black Americans have a very different culture to white Americans and Latinos? If culture is this phenomenon that you can separate from race then why are cultures of people of the same race more similar to each other than those of people from different races? Race has a lot to do with culture.
    Also, the way the world has evolved where atrocities like the Slave Trade were inflicted on one race basically preferentially, where white nations invade countries like North America and Australia, killed off most of the indigenous populations and established their OWN cultures; all of these affect the levels of arrogance and entitlement a race is raised to have. Many of my white friends tell me that they have been raised with an arrogant sense of entitlement that makes most white people think that they can just solve other people’s problems. And believe me I see it and its only when this sort of absurd entitlement is challenged and rejected that this attitude has reduced a bit but not nearly enough. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Africa and even know the type of white NGO worker I refer to, and even if you had, if you’re white your race would mean that even the tone and nature of the conversation you would have with them is very different. These WHITE university kids and Ngo workers have a very condescending and frankly racist attitude when it comes to Afrika and Afrikan people. They’ve been raised to believe that Afrikans are where they are because Afrikans are ‘unable to help themselves, poor, corrupt, stupid, lazy and/or disorganised’ and that white cultures are where they are because of the ‘intelligence, abilities and hard work’ of white people rather than the reality that many other races aren’t doing as well as they would like largely because WHITE nations have beaten, raped and killed them off their land (as in the case of Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians) or taken them away from their land (as in the case of Black Americans) or WHITE nations have tried to steal their land but were stopped (as in the case of Afrikans). So AGAIN, I use the term WHITE deliberately because, no matter what you say the race you are born into greatly determines how other races will treat you, what opportunities will be provided for you, what racial memory of historical achievements an feats will be presented to you etc. As a Black person I didn’t have to look for the history of white races. That was given to me from elementary school through to university. However, I had to LOOK for the history of my people, the Afrikan people and find out what WE had done, what OUR civilisations had achieved and what WE contributed and still contribute to human civilisation. If race had nothing to do with it then why isn’t Afrikan history taught in all elementary schools in Europe, yet European history is taught in countries in Afrika? There IS a power dynamic between races, its there. And its changing, the rise of China and India as well as the fact that Afrikans are healing from our traumatic past, regaining our confidence and moving forward all make a positive difference to Afrika. Race is there, and it won’t just go away because now a few white people don’t want it to matter anymore.

  9. “”If you read racist tone in my writing, then please feel free to stop reading.””

    No, Id like to keep reading your blog, if its alright with you. I obviously dont agree with some things that you say but mostly its informative-and its interesting to see the subject from your specific point of view. Would you like me to stop reading?

    “”Also I’m not generalising. The attitudes I write about in this post are those I have met coming from WHITE university kids and NGO workers. I am yet to find a Black, Asian or person of any other race who is quite as patronising and condescending in their perception and treatment of Afrika.””

    I still think you are generalizing, honestly. (you use the term “white people” often in your writing, not just this particular post…thats generalizing I think) But I cant argue with you if you say that white NGO workers are more arrogant. Its your personal experience, I have no evidence to support an arguement against personal experience. However Im sure there are SOME white NGO workers that arent so bad. Maybe you just havent met them yet? I mean, isnt it possible? And not one Black/Asian/Middle Eastern/Indian/whatever worker that tops the arrogance of even one white NGO worker? Really?

    “”And again for you to distinguish between culture and race I think is stretching a bit. If race has NOTHING to do with culture then why is that Black Americans have a very different culture to white Americans and Latinos? If culture is this phenomenon that you can separate from race then why are cultures of people of the same race more similar to each other than those of people from different races? Race has a lot to do with culture.”””

    What your saying there is correct. Race is CONNECTED heavily with culture. But it was not my point that race has nothing to do with culture. Its that the culture should be judged, not the race.
    Culture is basically regional. And the races were once seperated (and still are to a great deal) by region. It was living in different regions that allowed evolution to create different races in the first place. (of course you know all this but Im working towards my point)

    So yes…if you are white then most likely you spring from an Anglo culture. Asian…an Asian culture. African…an African culture and so on. BUT regardless of race the region/culture you grow up in HEAVILY influences who you become.

    Take me for instance. Im half Scottish/Irish (father) and half Cherokee Native American (mother). I grew up and currently live in California, USA.
    What if my parentage was the same, my genetics compeletly the same…but I grew up very close to where you did. What if was raised in Africa. Or even by Africans…perhaps as an adopted son. Wouldnt I be a completely different person then I am now regardless of my genetics. Yes my skin would still be relatively pale and so on…But having grown up in a different culture I would be a different man. My ideas, my prejudices, my religion, my loyalties, emotional characteristics….mainly different. Regardless of race. All I am saying is that race EFFECTS who you are but it IS NOT WHO YOU ARE. Every person is an individual who should be judged individualy. Ive seen black people in america that are rich right-wing snobs. Ive seen white guys that think theyre gangsters…and Ive seen white guys who ARE gangsters and are completely accepted by the gangster culture. I dont want to be judged by my race. I dont want people of my race (white OR native american) judged by their race. I dont want Americans generalized as “white people” or europeans or anyone. I dont want Africans to be judged by race…or Asians or ANYONE. Race is mainly irrelevant unless you insist that it is not. (unfortunately so many people insist that it is indeed) You are not your race you are YOU.
    And “white culture” doesnt exist. White people have a LOT of different cultures. Try telling a Scottish person they are the same as an Englishman. They are NOT…and they lived on the same damn island!
    “Black culture” doesnt exist either. African Americans are very different from Africans. Jaimacans are very different from Africans. Even Africans have many different cultures, though much more closely associated then with cultures outside africa.

    Ive made this reply longer than I intended, I apologize. My point is only this…Race is connected to culture yes. And yes your race effects your life. (though only because of the existance of racism) But ultimately race is a physical state…and it is really the region/culture in which you grow up…and the values taught to you by your parents that determine, mainly, who you are. To say that race is the MAIN factor in your character and in your actions IS defined as racism, by ANY modern civilized people…which includes the African people. (“Africans” includes white africans and pheonicians and arabians as well. Being African itself is a cultural identity, not necessarily a racial one)

    “””Race is there, and it won’t just go away because now a few white people don’t want it to matter anymore.”””

    Most good and tolerant peole the world over dont want it to matter anymore, regardless of their race. I dont think you want it to matter anymore either.

  10. Nobody want’s a race war here, it’s just that the help is comming from where the trouble began, which only makes things worse, I think that the Afrikans must look for the answers in the form of history and make their own moves, I as a Afrikan American, would love to help in a way that only blacks from all nations made a diffrence, to come together as one people stop the civil wars and make the……no I dont mean the I mean our nation better and stop looking at one another as a different kind of black, white…NO, Europeans and American Europeans stick together and help one another, the tribalisn and civil wars, the gangbanging in Afrikan American culture, all the bullshit that we have against one another is the first problem we must deal with and once we are united and ready to stand as one the answer to all other problems will come easy, a nation wasn’t built overnight and it wasn’t built alone. We need us, thats all but whos gonna be the first to step up and say if your skin is like mine then you are my brother or sister and until then we will never get anywhere. As for getting help from outside, It’s not comming. I seen where America refused to help Libera when they asked for it, and not only did they refuse to help, they went to another country that didn’t want their help so they could, “help” this country being Iraq, but everyone knows why they went there, to do the same thing there that Europe did in Afrika, to plunder their natural resources, I also want to add that I DO NOT SUPPORT Osama Bin Ladin, the attack on innocent people is not the way you make a diffrence for your people, But you must defend your land and your people and we need all our people to help our Nation not other races who caused the problem in the first place. When WE becomes US, then we are on the right track to recovering Africa to a paradise, and not the crippled nation that the Europeans made it.

  11. I would also like to add that the US troops are not the blame for what America is doing all over the world, and another thing, any Army from any nation is intended for defense purposes and somewhere along the line European and American European governments forgot that, or did they ever know it? a look through history tells the story.

  12. Too much anger guys… You’re fighting fire with fire. I think we all know that doesn’t work.

  13. I think this is very healthy dialogue actually…folks should air their true opinions so that those opinions are challenged and everyone is forced to look at issues a bit deeper…there’s too much damn misinformation out there.

  14. Wow… upon reading your page…a lot of anger. Which I think is understadable… but is no aid better than some aid??

  15. Okay, so I’m a high school geography teacher soon to be covering Africa…what do you suggest I teach about Africa then?

  16. Well you can start by teaching them about pre-slavery and pre-colonial Afrika and then move into how these events affected African development. My earlier posts address some of these issues and good books to read are:
    How Europe Underdeveloped Africa- Walter Rodney
    Blacks in Science- Ivan Van Sertima
    Precolonial Black Africa- Cheikh Anta Diop
    Britain’s Gulag (also published as Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya)- Caroline Elkins
    Lords of Poverty- Graham Hancock.

    These books should blow their minds wide open.

  17. Very good selection Afrikan Eye. I would ve loved to suggest some others..but most are in french… (im form Senegal, Cheikh Anta Diop’s very own). Im not sure high school students would be able to read the books you cited though..or maybe Im wrong… I tend to underestimate high school students in america given the material they get fed day in day out.. Maybe they will be able to read and understand it though…What do I know…

  18. Indeed amayelnotes…yeah those books are quite deep, I’ve suggested he just take one or two pertinent chapters from each to give the kids to read…yeah I’m with you on the skepticism on the ability of US teens to read such heavy stuff. But the problem is that due to the ridiculous differences in the quality of education kids get in that country, you’ll find that some kids read the books suggested with ease while others of the same age don’t know the difference between your and you’re:-/!! But yeah, you can suggest more of Diop’s works I’m an ardent fan but heh some of his books are TECHNICAL mayne! Especially the African Origin of Civilization and Civilization or Barbarism…those ones take a WHILE to really read.
    On the aid question my position is this: what folks are giving to Afrika now is not really aid but rather is a simple means through which the industry that requires poverty to continue to exist is supported. folks are more interested in putting bandages on gushing wounds rather than dealing with the systemic injustices that perpetuate poverty. Africa does not need ‘AID’ but fair trade, fair establishment of Multinational corporations in Africa. And moreover, that aid isn’t really aid because we pay most of the so called ‘aid’ back to the countries that give it to us. TO THIS DAY Africa pays money OUT to the Global north to the tune of some $13.5 BILLION PER YEAR. Thats simply INSANE…we don’t need any more ‘aid’. As African Action says:

    ‘ Africa Action calls for the cancellation of Africa’s foreign debt, which we consider in large part to be illegitimate, based on its origins and consequences. We consider the present and past attempts to deal with the debt crisis to be absolutely insufficient, and we oppose the existing debt relief framework, developed and controlled by creditors and designed to function only in their interests. Africa Action opposes conditionalities imposed by Northern creditors which perpetuate a global economic system where Africa remains economically controlled by the developed world…(w)e believe that the global North owes Africa an historical debt for centuries of exploiting the continent’s human and natural resources. We therefore pose the question, “who really owes whom?”.’ EXACTLY!

    Moreover in the meager cases where we’re given grants, the grants come with the establishment of spheres of influence that facilitate bullying of African countries by the Global North in particular. What we need is fair trade and the promotion of intra-Afrikan trade. Sadly, this song has been sung since independence by the likes of Nkrumah but the lack of political will has impeded it. Things are changing but we’re still far off.

  19. I guess youre focusing on foreign Governments, and Im focusing on NGOs, which I do agree, the Aid business is booming for a reason.. it brings profits. But we do gain from it too, because we have to admit most of our leaders are not in there to help us. When it comes to the foreign goverments, they have one objective: screw us! That I agree with.

    http://amayelsnotes.wordpress.com/ Read the “Better Some aid than no aid” part

  20. I dont completely agree with you Afrikan Eye. About Aid. You say Africans dont need it. At all. I dont think thats right.

    Its true that the cause of SOME Africans (obviously not all africans are starving) need for aid, or lets just call it help, was colonialism/slavery and still to this day, the evils of unregulated capitalism.

    But there are SO many Africans that need fresh drinking water, that are starving or who are ill. Those people need help NOW. Or quite simply, they will die. And they do die, and have been dying. They cant wait for political/economic reform or for the bastards that keep Africa in dept to let those depts go. Those are the people who benefit from aid. Those that need the food within days or they die, or who need medicine NOW, not later.

    Aid is not a solution. Its not a plan. It wont really change anything in Africa. But it does eliviate the suffering of many people. However ineptly it is provided. However arrogant some NGO workers might be. And even if some NGO big-whigs are making a profit. Aid is still needed for now. The Aid system sucks, it doesnt work like it should, its corrupt. But are you going to tell someone who badly needs food or medicine that they should wait because the organization that will provide it is corrupt? Hell no, they need the help.

    The system is crap and needs reform, and some sort of cohesion. But Aid is useful, its useful to those that survive because it is there.

    Basically Africa needs all the things you speak about. No outside influence of its politics or economics, no more outside exploitation of Africa’s resources and so on. But those things can only be achieved in the long term.

    But for now, for all those thousands on the brink of death or who are suffering, immediate action must be taken. It would be great if Africa could provide for all those people on its own, but it can not (I know, it cant because of all the exploitation but still, it cant…not right now) so food and medicine must be found. And since so many people dont give a damn about Africans, resource procurement is limited, which of course enables corruption. Like I said, crap system…but for those who have survived instead of died because of it…it has some value I think. For now, hopefully some day soon all help/aid can be provided For Africans/From Africans. And THEN hopefully Africa can recover to a point where Aid is simply not needed.

    You: “”And moreover, that aid isn’t really aid because we pay most of the so called ‘aid’ back to the countries that give it to us. TO THIS DAY Africa pays money OUT to the Global north to the tune of some $13.5 BILLION PER YEAR. Thats simply INSANE…we don’t need any more ‘aid’. As African Action says””

    Me: That applies to aid given by governments but not to aid that is provided/donated by private citizens. Aid from Western governments is SOOO hypocritical given that most of the problems in Africa stem in some way from Western meddeling in the first place.

    But Aid provided by regular people is a different story I think. Those people dont get paid back by anybody. And private donations amount to millions and millions of dollars. (all funneled through a rotten system unfortunately but still….)

  21. In response to this post which seems to be very explosive I have this to say: Afrika for Afrikans, Asia for the Asian, Australia for the Australian, Europe for the European etc. This was the Creators plan to keep things balanced. But some idiot thought himself/herself more intilligent than de creator. To all who think the de empress (sista Afrikan eye) is a racist. I have but one task for you :

    If you see an Afrikan sista with relaxed crown ask dem why dem defile demselves like that. The answer In’I would likely to get is that they want to look beautiful or it is easier to comb is it is relaxed and it looks neat.

    My point here is that some of In’I sistas seem to think that their natural physique is not on par. I wonder whats wrong with letting the dread crown flow or being black like tar. This kind of thinking was created by the stupid slavers and their lazy colonial rulers to prepare the Afrikan nation for centuries of subjection (Check now Afrika is being discussed but a foreign language is used. Is it impossible for In’I{us} as a nation to have at least one language that can be taught in schools from cape to cairo?)

    My opinion is that if the west wants to help Afrika they should start with the following :

    1 Repatriation of all Black people who left Gracious Mama Afrika in slave ships against their will. It is obvious that not all black people in the world would want to come back to Afrika, but as a RASTAFARI bredren In’I know dat some of In’I bredas inna de west(babywrong/Babylon) wan’ fe trod back a yard in Afrika some are already coming on their own with nothing that they own. They get to Afrika and In’I recieve dem with welcoming hands and a place for dem to stay and soon they are back on their feet again and glad dat dem are back home.

    This shouldn’t be a huge task for the western governments to carry out with the current technological progress in the world. Nowadays it takes only hours to get to New York from anywhere in Afrika and the rest of the world. Seeing that their ancestors managed to harness the power of wind so that they can destroy afrika. Ps: To all those Afrikans who feel that afrika is not their home look around wherever you are. Are you being treated the way you want to be treated or are treated that way because there is somthing to be gained through you. and what is there to lose if you come back home? Nothing I tell ya.

    2. Reparations are still outstanding for the survivors of the Afrikan Holocaust. Afrika is in debt yet Afrikans have nothing to show for this debt In’I supposedly owe to the west. If it is for the colonial style buildings that were mansions to In’I downpressors then the west really thinks that In’I afrikans are stupid…

    400 to 600 yrs back as an Afrikan In’I wouldn’t dare appreciate the masonry that I created under the crack of the slave masters whip. Or even admire the jewels that adorn the crowns of the stupid western royal which were forcefully taken from In’I ancestral lands.

    If the west wants to help mek dem start with this two issues. Other than dat In’I would always put dem inna fire.

    To : Afrikan Eye

    Keep it burning strong. Never worry yourself about stupid westerners who know nothing about In’I as a nation


    Bless heart of love

  22. Africaneye
    What about those ‘white’ (whatever that means) people who, despite your disdain for them still desire to genuinly help people in all parts of the world, including Africa? What types of orginizations should people such as this get in touch with in order to help out, since NGO’s and GO’s are of Satan?

    Sincerely Searching,


  23. So much hate/anger here. inmusicitrust, it seems like ActionAid is being approved as an NGO to work for “A report by Action Aid (click here to download the full report titled: Real Aid- An agenda for making aid work) showed that when countries in the global north give out what THEY call Aid, a lot of that money ends up back in their economies.”

    AfrikanEye, pse don’t jam all the countries in to one pile. The report from ActionAid is clearly stating that some countries in the same report you are referring to are very, very close to the goals that have been set up. There is differences between them you know, but maybe not the color of their skin…

    Na TuffRoc, our ancestors comes from East Africa, Ngorongoro to be more precise, are you sending all the europeans back there at the same time…

    I just feel sad reading this blog, are we really in the 21st century? I’m sending out some love to ya’ll. Peace

  24. I dont think its anger, sometimes when an Afrikan expresses themselves those who are not used to the idea that we too have an inner voice and feelings coupled with that will see the articles by Afrikan Eye as those with a lot of anger…i dont see the same reactions to those who write about how hitler treated the jews as a matter of fact it is justified, overall i think Afrika Eye hit the nail on the head. There is a breed of Afrikan conciousness that is brewing and for those who always want the lid kept on our beautiful ancestry and history well get ready for an Awakening…

    Tuko Pamoja

  25. I hope you are well, but I am happy you shut up.
    You cannot find a positive thing to say, I am not inclined to like you, you hurt me when all I ever had for anyone was love.

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